Joe Schretzenmaier

Instagram: @schredz_fitness

            Born and raised in Chester County Pennsylvania, I knew early on that I had a drive that few people have to be the best. At the age of 19, I became a Professional Natural Bodybuilder through the OCB federation in Classic Physique. My passion and love for the sport grows every day which has since lead me to wanting to help others as well. I worked my way up to general manager at a local nutrition shop where I am able to recommend new, cutting edge supplements as well as earned my NASM personal training and nutrition certifications (while also going to school for engineering at University of Delaware).

            I am truly blessed that I was able to become a part of the Centurion Labz family in 2019. Centurion Labz keeps me healthy, strong, and focused in and out of the gym with their state of the art formulas and quality ingredients. Even before I joined the team, I used the supplements religiously and recommended them to everyone who walked into my nutrition shop. As I mentioned earlier, I have a drive to be the best and that means putting only the best into my body. I only want the absolute best products for myself, my clients, and my followers and that is why I am a member of the Legion! 


Mike Varano

Instagram: @_mmmikeyv

            I’ve always lived a very active, competitive lifestyle. I played ice hockey for over twenty years and competed at various levels, including junior hockey and collegiate. Having always been one of the smaller, faster players on my teams I knew that I would have to be more physical once I reached the collegiate level; this is when I began hitting the gym and lifting weights more seriously. I immediately fell in love with lifting and the process of seeing my physique change as I continued to work harder. It was never easy for me to gain weight and put on muscle mass, but I never let that stop me from working hard.

            Once I finished college and stopped playing hockey, fitness and the gym filled that void. I spent a few years doing half-marathons and several Tough Mudder races, but I started becoming more and more interested in bodybuilding. Once the Classic Physique division was created I knew that’s where I wanted to compete. I competed in my first bodybuilding competition in 2016 and have done five shows in total, progressing in both my placements and the size and quality of my physique each time. This year I recently placed first in the Classic Physique Open Class A at the East Coast Classic Championships.  My goal for the upcoming year is to compete in my first national-level competition to become an IFBB Pro.

            Outside of bodybuilding I work for Rutgers University in the School of Nursing - Newark/New Brunswick in higher education administration. In my role as Associate Director of Student Engagement, I get to work with students over a multitude of channels such as leadership development, orientation and graduation, recruitment, and advisement. I have my Bachelors of Science in Marketing and Sports Management, and my M.B.A. in International Business, both from Seton Hall University.


Blaise Christmas


            What's up everyone! I'm Blaise Christmas, one of Centurion Labz newest athletes, I am a men's physique athlete chasing my dream to be an IFBB pro! Outside of the gym, I am in the process of becoming a registered nurse. I couldn't be more proud to be a part of a truly amazing company that makes you feel like family. My favorite stack is God of Rage with Blood Rush and Warpath, if you're a fellow stim lover this is the one for you! 


Kira Piccone

Instagram: kirapiccone

Meet Kira. Kira is a full time healthcare worker but also full time athlete and dog mom. When Kira isn't working, you can find her in the gym or hanging with her fur baby, Luca. Kira has competed in bodybuilding shows in the past but now choices to build her body as a well rounded athlete. She also has years of experience in the supplement industry. So if you are ever looking for some advice or guidance, don't be afraid to ask her! Her current favorite preworkout concoction is God of Rage and Blood Rush!