God of War, Reimagined!

God of War, Reimagined!

Jun 22nd 2023

Centurion Labz welcomes back God of War! This revamped version of its predecessors God of War Black and Red promises to perform at a higher level for optimal gym performance! God of War was created with powerful stimulants and nootropics that will bring you back to 2015 when everyone went into “God Mode”.*

With our new dedication for delicious flavors, our new and improved flavors are Blue Candy Slush, Octavian Orange, Peach Tea, and now, Wicked Watermelon.

To follow suit of the new God of Rage, UNCHAINED label design, God of War Wicked Watermelon now features a hot new label that's getting everyone talking. The other three flavors will see the new design soon as well!