New God of Fire Launch!

New God of Fire Launch!

Jul 21st 2023

God of FIRE was designed to be one of the hardest hitting preworkouts on the market. It is great as an alternative to preworkouts containing strong, banned stimulants, without the sacrifice of losing that amazing punch. Prepare to exhaust your body and muscles with an exhilarating workout and little to no crash! Remember to eat post-workout to refuel your system and prevent lethargy from your nutrient-depleting workout.*

In 2022, God of Fire was revamped to not only be a hard-hitting, energizing preworkout, but to also help its users burn more calories with every workout. Experience the incredible thermogenic effects in your next workout with God of Fire!*


**The extremely popular God of Fire formula is still the same; the only change in June 2023 is the label change!