Legion – Extreme Fat Burner


Legion is the thermogenic formula designed to elevate core temperature while increasing your metabolic rate to accelerate thermogenesis, fat oxidation in the body. We’ve combined potent stimulants along with focus elements for enhanced concentration during training or any type of physical activity. We’ve also added Nootropic elements enhance a sense of well being and euphoria.

60 Servings Per Container

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MASS PRO – Mass Gaining Formula


Mass Pro was designed for the hard gainer seeking to achieve strength and muscle gain. It is composed of 3 proven ingredients:

DHEA – An anabolic compound that converts to testosterone. This will aid in tissue repair, lean muscle gain and increase libido.

Epiandrosterone – Another anabolic compound that converts to DHT. It is 5 times more androgenic than testosterone. The coupling of the two will aid in increased strength, increased sex drive & muscle density.

Epicatechin – Derived from cocoa, this increases nitric oxide in the body allowing better blood flow to skeletal muscle. This will help with muscular strength, muscular endurance & muscle fullness.

60 Servings Per Container

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Omega 3 HP-D (Fish Oil)


High concentrated Omega 3 fortified with Vitamin D3. The benefits for fish oil and Vitamin D3 are continuously being discovered. Both should be a staple in any individual’s supplement regimen. This supplement will aid in blood vessel tone, lowering LDL cholesterol, lowering anxiety, skin health joint rejuvenation and much more!

30 Servings Per Container

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Phenta Peeled (Weight-Loss Catalyst)


DESCRIPTION: Phenta Peeled is the newest product to add to the superstar line up by Centurion Labz.  It’s predecessor “ Legion 2” has received outstanding reviews.   Due to some of the powerhouse ingredients, it was hard to put out the amazing flavors that Legion 2 deserved.  Phenta Peeled not only packs the same intense punch for a weight loss powder, it also comes in 2 top notch flavors that sound good enough to be served on a tropical island.  As always, we here at Centurion Labz bring you the most cutting edge products with efficacious dosages to maximize the product’s benefit.  We did just that with Phenta Peeled.  This new product is designed to increase your energy, core temperature, and metabolic rate.  Phenta Peeled will also suppress appetite to help control over eating!

FLAVORS:  Mango & Pineapple

DOSING: As a weight loss catalyst, take 1 scoop, mixed in 8 to 12 oz of water

*Do not exceed 2 scoops in a 24 hour period.

30 Servings Per Container

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A digestive aid is shown to improve the absorption & transport of foods in the digestive tract. It’s been shown to aid in lowering LDL cholesterol & curb cravings between meals. It’s suggested to increase water intake when using.

30 Servings Per Container

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