What’s New at Centurion Labz by Dr. Nick Puccio

What has Centurion Labz been up to?

After 5 years as a company we decided to bring a fresh look to the line. We developed a few new products, revamped a few older products and eliminated some unnecessary products   With the nutritional supplement industry changing rapidly, we needed to bring a Centurion 2.0, since we are no longer the new kids on the block. Our company continues to grow domestically and internationally! We want to continue to provide the best supplementation possible for another 5 years and hopefully continue 5 years past that. January 1st 2020 will be the start of our 6th year which is an absolute blessing to us!

Two products we revamped are God of War and Phenta-Peeled!  Something we have to put into consideration when putting our products is compliance for all our international distributors. We have changed these profiles slightly from the originals and came out with the best initial flavors to introduce the SKUs back into the public.
Of course we still stuck with the no artificial coloring rule in these two pre-workouts.  With the label design change, you will see a new Phenta-Peeled and  God of War label which was just released!
God of War

What new products have been formulated?

Mass pro and shred pro

We wanted to develop two DHEA metabolite products. One product for burning fat and helping with muscle density, while also making a product for gaining muscle size, and strength. We also wanted these products to be safe from scrutiny for professional, collegiate, and lifestyle athletes. Below are some key differences between the two.
Shred Pro
  • 500 mg of Brassaiopsis Glomerulata to eliminate estrogen and lower cortisol.
  • 400 mg of Epiandrosterone for muscular strength, density, and increased libido.
  • 200 mg of 7-Keto dhea to increase metabolism and thyroid gland activity, boost immune system, and improve overall fat loss.
Mass Pro
  • 600 mg of Epiandrosterone for increased sex drive, increased strength, and increased muscle mass.
  • 300 mg of Epicatechin to increase Nitric Oxide production and stimulating protein synthesis.
  • 200 mg of DHEA for boosting natural testosterone production and hormonal balance.


We wanted to make this product more versatile for both men and women. Now, no matter what your goal is LAXOVAR can help improve performance through multiple pathways. Some key points are below

  • Laxosterone ™- 240 mg of Laxogenin. It is a plant steroid extract developed to increase protein synthesis while preventing muscle breakdown. It will also help increase libido in men and women. Due to the fact it is non hormonal, it is safe for both men and women to use.
  • KSM 66 ™- 600 mg of Ashwaghanda. It is a full spectrum root extract made with the highest concentration on the market. KSM 66 was designed to lower cortisol, increase endurance, and increase libido in both men and women.